This business is run by Ashaz (8) and Adheen (6) supported and mentored by their mother Zahra and father Shaf. This business was started to create an opportunity for the boys to learn and understand the practical applications of measurements, money, production, creativity, profit, loss, operations, customer management, failure, etc – the practical realities of life.

Our Products

Handmade Hanging Wooden Garden Bird Feeder

Rustic Wooden Table Centerpiece

Wooden decoupaged neckace hanger with vibrant ceramic knobs

His/Hers/Dog – Key and Leash Holder

Succulent / Air Plant Shadow Box Planter Frame

Handmade Hanging Wooden Garden Bird Feeder

Our Pledge


We are using this business as an opportunity to teach our boys the value of money and the joy of giving. When the idea of Woodsawrus was taking shape, we asked the boys “What do you want to do when you start earning money?” and we got responses like “Buy a house for us, replace our 9 year old car, buy a new ipad, buy mum a new laptop, etc”. All of the pretty sweet responses for little boys. We then introduced to them the idea of NGO’s that work for charitable causes and how we can help make a difference in the lives of people we’ve never met in far away places. They were fascinated and wanted to learn more about charities that they could support. After some discussion, the boys chose 3 charitable projects that they’d like to be a part of when they started making money. 

  1. Build a water well in Africa through ‘Human Appeal’
  2. Sponsor a child each through ‘The Smith Family’ and ‘World Vision’ 
  3. Donate to help sick kids at the ‘Royal Children’s Hospital’.

They got very philanthropic after our research on charitable causes that they could be involved in and wanted to give away all of what they earned. We then had a discussion about  sustaining the business with the money that they made and they brainstormed together and agreed that – they would put aside $1 for every $10 profit they make for the casues chosen by them. 

​We have a long way to go to make enough money to make our first contribution to the chosen causes but the boys have been excited about it and are working hard to get there. 


About Us

Woodsawrus is a dream come true for our little boys Ashaz and Adheen aged 8 and 6 who wanted to start their own business so they could earn some money. They are supported by mum, Zahra and dad, Shaf in making and selling handmade personalized wooden home decor products at local markets in Melbourne and online.

We decided to give in to boy’s demands and embark on this journey together as we wanted to use ‘Woodsawrus’ as a teaching opportunity for our boys. The boys take great pride in running their own business and came up with the name and logo design. As parents who part home-school the boys, we spend a lot of time together shopping at Bunnings and working in our shed. It gives us the opportunity to discuss about a wide range of topics such as sustainability, being responsible, mathematical measurements, customer service, marketing etc. We have no prior experience crafting and each product made is a labour of love. Happy Shopping :). 

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